Back and better than ever!

Bria Johnson

Posted on November 20 2019

Back and better than ever!

First off, I want to thank you for always supporting my dreams of becoming a wig maker.

As you may know, I got my dream job earlier this year. 

I became a Delta Flight Attendant 

(WOOT WOOT) and it has kept me extremely busy buzzing around the world.


I've missed doing wigs, but I owed it to you to be able to guarantee delivery times and wig making turn around times -- so I took a little break until things leveled off for me with scheduling.

I've been testing out a few different kinds of wigs and have simplified the collection.

2 wig types

1. 7x7 lace closures

2. 360 lace frontals

You're going to love the new closures. If you hated using adhesive --this is PERFECT-- because it gives you so much more versatility in parting, but without the hassle.

(see pic below and click pic for more details) 

I'll still carry 360 lace frontal wigs as well, but they no longer require adhesive* for everyday wearing down as I've mastered band placement.

*For ponytails and buns adhesive is still required.

I ask that as I transition back into making wigs you keep in mind that sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances due dates may be changed, but I'll do my best to accommodate everyone this holiday season and going forward.

 Click here to preview BLACK FRIDAY DEALS now!


Payment can be split into 2 payments and will be delivered in late December as closures take 6 weeks due to special custom nature of NEW thinner and high quality lace.




2 360 Lace Frontals

One 12" Signature Tresses and One 14" Curly Tresses 

I look forward to slaying everyone as I always have!

--The SlayTress aka Your Favorite Flight Attendant--


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