How It All Began

Bria Johnson

Posted on September 14 2018

How It All Began

Hey ladies! I wanted my blog to be not only about Tresses, but about everyday things women can relate to. My blog will be full of relatable topics including topics on hair, beauty, relationships, everyday life, growth, finances, travel and so much more. 

This picture is literally all the things I love. I love me some beautiful hair, distressed jeans, my dog Slaya, red lipstick, Louboutin heels and cheetah print!

Opening Runway Tresses was a dream come true for me. I was gambling with everything I had for my first order of samples back in November of 2014. I received my samples and it was about a month into it, and I knew the products were good enough to try to sell them. I was still unsure, but I knew it could work. I literally was check to check working at this credit union and I truly HATED my job.

I felt like I wasn't paid what I was worth at this job and that I deserved more freedom.

Fast forward, I had vacation planned for New Years because I had put in vacation and was approved for time off. It was 3 day before I was schedule to go to Dubai, and my superior came and told me that they could no longer approve me to be off. That was my last straw with that job (looking back I've had lots of those moments, lol). When I tell you that when I'm treated wrong -- I'm OUT! *throws up the deuces* I was at my desk the rest of the day pissed and frustrated unsure what I would do. I went and talked to my superior, she apologized, but reiterated some typical "operational needs come first" type of excuse, and I was over it. My mind was set on going and I quickly realized that no matter what I was still going. At the end of my shift, I said my goodbyes to my coworkers, and slid my keys under my superior's door without explanation. My coworkers kept telling me I was crazy and that I was making a mistake up until I walked out the door. Yes, I QUIT without notice.

The security of my job kept my business from thriving.

So I had to take step out on my faith.

I later learned that a relationship with God is extremely important.

Looking back I could have went about things differently, but we live and learn. It was literally one of the best decisions I've made in my life. It's been very rewarding thus far and the picture I included is from a few days before I quit this job. I took all my work selfies in this spot in the hallway. It's kind of funny I always thought these walls were like prison walls.

I want every woman that follows along my journey to at least be able to pull one thing from my blog that can help them STOP LETTING ADVERSITIES be YOU!

This picture was taken a few days before I decided to quit my job to start my journey as an entrepreneur. Notice I didn't even have a website, but I was selling hair straight out of my bedroom. I also was calling this hair "Filipinese" -- what is that? Thank God for growth and exposure! 😩 lol 

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