$720.00 USD

Wig Type

This wig features a full lace 360 frontal and bundles from our hair collection. Color servicing in jet black is included in pricing. This wig features our natural wavy Tresses.


Please note all frontal wigs require adhesive to secure (as pictured and advertised). If you are not comfortable styling your own hair and installing your wig (learned technique that takes patience) please take a look at our lace closure wigs. Frontals require maintenance often and patience to install, and upkeep can be expensive. For first timers frontals can be difficult to install and get used to. Clients must be careful installing to prevent hairline thinning and destruction where the wig has to be reconstructed*.


    • Wig Fitting* 
      • Strongly suggested to do measurements, don't guess. Use the chart by clicking here. If your measurements are not correct, Runway Tresses LLC is not responsible for resizing or reconstructing the wig. Wigs are made based on measurements sent to us with your order.
      • (must be scheduled, please note fittings outside of Texas are subject to additional fees) —click here to view openings—
    • Hair
      • Full lace 360 frontal
      • 2-3 bundles of hair from our collection
    • Color Service
      • Jet Black
    • Security
      • Elastic band
      • Comb insertion
    • Install (at client’s request, not necessary)***
      • Gel install with Got2B styling gel (may last 1-3 days, designed for taking the wig off daily or every few days)
        • One on One training on gel install available for additional $30.
      • Extended wear install available for additional $50 (may last 1-2 weeks with some maintenance by client at home)
        • Training not available
    • Modifications
      • What are modifications?
        • Modifications are changes made to the wig within 72 hours such as band adjustments or additional hairline thinning. 

    Not Included

    • Braiding
      • Braiding is not included to ensure consistent results for client. Braiding is recommended to be about 10-12 small braids. Braids should be straight back and connect like a W (see pictures below) to ensure a comfortable fit with the elastic band and combs. If you see fit another way to have your hair braided you may not achieve same results as advertised.
        • Runway Tresses will not be responsible for fitting discrepancies if you choose to have your hair braided differently.


    *Wig Reconstruction Service is $250 plus the cost of a new lace piece.

    **Fittings out of state are subject to additional fees. Please see fee schedules listed on booking website. —click here to see fee schedule—

    ***Client must sign release of liability to have wig installed. Form will be signed in person. If client refuses to sign, install will not be performed, and any additional fees will not be refunded.

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